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Brasil Jabuticaba - natural

Brasil Jabuticaba - natural

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Coffee notes: jabuticaba, grapefruit
Process type: natural
Country: Brasil
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Altitude: 1040m
Botanical variety: Catucai 2SL
Recommended preparation: filter & espresso
Net weight: 250g

The coffee that Vinhal family produces stands out with aromas and flavours, a result of innovative processing. Vinhal coffees were also awarded many times in the last couple of years, including Cup Of Excellence 2022 for 3rd place.
I am sure this is the best Brasilian coffee i have ever tried in my ”coffee life”. Beans with high sweetness, lower acidity and extremely complex flavours.
About the process:
Jabuticaba jam is a fruity delight with a very pleasant acidity. The naturally processed Catucai 2SL was 2x fermented. The cherries were mechanically harvested and then fermented aerobically for 36 hours in a trailer that you can see in the photo above. As a naturally processed coffee, this catucai received the second stage of fermentation still in cherries. It was fermented anaerobically for 122 hours. To stop the fermentation instantly, the coffee was washed with cold water before it was dried for 25 days.



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To discover unique coffee flavour profiles we recommend to use very soft mineral water with a low HCO3 aiming for total hardness of less than 100 mg/l.