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Ecuador Guillermo Lomas - washed

Ecuador Guillermo Lomas - washed

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Coffee notes: tangerine, lemon
Process type: washed
Country: Ecuador
Region: La Perla, Pichicnha
Altitude: 1500m
Botanical variety: Typica Mejorado
Recommended preparation: filter
Net weight: 200g

Guillermo Lomas is a young producer, born in La Perla and has been working in this land from a very young age. Therefore, he knows the climate and soil to grow a healthy crop. It was 2015 when Guillermo started planting coffee in Finca La Carolina. The varieties planted at the farm are only Typica Mejorado and Sidra, two varietals that were developed specifically for Ecuadorian soil. Farm has its own washing station so most coffees produced here are washed. You can expect delicate notes of tangerine, lemon and sweetness of caramel in the cup of coffee. Highly recommended coffee because of unique variety and delicate profile.



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To discover unique coffee flavour profiles we recommend to use very soft mineral water with a low HCO3 aiming for total hardness of less than 100 mg/l.