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Salvador Los Pirineos - konka anaerobic washed

Salvador Los Pirineos - konka anaerobic washed

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Coffee notes: peach, honey, jasmine
Process type: anaerobic washed
Country: El Salvador
Region: Usulutan
Altitude: 1400m
Botanical variety: Konka (ethiopian)
Recommended preparation: filter
Net weight: 200g
Found in the Usulután department of El Salvador, Los Pirineos farm is operated by fifth-generation coffee producer Diego Baraona. Diego took the helm at the farm in 2020 following his father’s passing and now works to carry on the tradition and legacy.  The farm sits 1400 meters above sea level on the slopes of a stand-alone volcano. This unique positioning provides a microclimate unlike any other with sun-filled days and cool breezes, creating an environment ideal for coffee production, processing, and drying.
This lot of Konka coffee underwent Anaerobic Washed processing. After harvest, ripe cherries are placed into sealed barrels where they are fermented for 72 hours. The fermented coffee is then pulped with water before being spread onto shaded, raised drying beds. The washed coffee was dried for 45 days to reach its ideal humidity.
About variety(konka): It is a heirloom from Yigarcheffe, simply meaning it is previously uknown heirloom variety from Ethiopia, which is then maturing at the Los Pirineos farm. 


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To discover unique coffee flavour profiles we recommend to use very soft mineral water with a low HCO3 aiming for total hardness of less than 100 mg/l.