The story and the idea of the specialty coffee brand were born when I was 16 years old. I didn’t like coffee very much, primarily because of the taste. I always found coffee very bitter. It seemed strange that people would not care if their morning coffee was bitter.

I looked into the actual production processes, the roasting and, finally, the preparation. I found that roasting can make a difference in the taste. At the same time, I also discovered a lack of specialty coffee micro-roasters in Slovenia. And that’s why, in 2018, when I was still 17, the Banibeans brand was born.

Roasting style

As roasting is the most critical part of coffee production, I pay a lot of attention to roasting. I swear by light roasting because it preserves the unique flavors in each coffee cherry. I only do one roast for each coffee (you can call it omni roast, but I don't like that expression—I prefer the filter roast).

Every coffee at Banibeans is roasted in a way that suits filter brewing. But that does not mean that our coffee is not tasty as espresso, especially if you like acidic and fresh coffee shots.

Coffee facts about me (Luka, founder)

My favorite brewer: V60 or Orea

My favorite grinder: The Comandante

What I hate the most in specialty coffee: Cities with 0 specialty coffee shops

My top 3 roasters: DAK, Kawa, Three Marks Coffee

I like everything acidic: Beer, wine, coffee, food